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CCM campus chaplain, C. John Weborg, featured in the Covenant Companion

Covenant Children’s Ministries is pleased to announce that campus chaplain C. John Weborg was featured in the October issue of the Covenant Companion. The article, “Accessory to the Word” is written by Stan Friedmana nd explores Dr. Weborg’s deep and continuous engagement with community and Scripture. Below is an excerpt from that article, along with links to several accompanying pieces.


John Weborg slowly and deliberately made his way across the podium and took his seat on the stool behind the lectern as he prepared to preach at the opening service of the 2008 Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Covenant Church. The theme of the gathering that year was the centrality of the word of God, the first of six Covenant affirmations.

“If the word of God is central, I would think this is the first thing we would ask: What does it say?” he said that evening. “We’re not looking for an email message from God. We’re looking for a biblical perspective, and you’re not going to get it in one night. The book takes a while to read. This is a long story.”

The point is one Weborg returns to again and again: the Bible is not a commodity to be consumed quickly and thoughtlessly. It is capital that gives us “a resource on which to draw and a perspective with which to look at questions and at life.” And it is capital for everyone, including the socially separated and the spiritually silenced.

In the span of that one sermon he referenced the philosopher Aristotle, early church father Athanasius, Reformation theologian John Calvin, contemporary Scottish hymnologist John Bell, and the arrest of several hundred undocumented workers at a meat plant in Iowa. He was prophetic and pastoral, erudite and plain-spoken. The occasion was but one example of why the North Park Theological Seminary emeritus professor of theology has been so influential in shaping how Covenanters engage the sacred text.

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